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Septic Tank Repair & Maintenance

Keep Your System Running Smoothly
After Septic Tank Pumping, We Can if needed Repair or Maintain Your System!

For systems that don't have a gravity-fed tank, we offer pump work. Our services include repair and installation of pumps, as well as the addition of alarms and float switches to ensure you know when your system requires pumping.

We can remove clogs, roots, and debris for your lines to from septic pipes. At Arkie Rogers Septic Service, we use a high-pressure system to get rid of all types of back-ups and get your system running smoothly again in no time.

Maintenance Service for Windham, ME, Gray, ME, & the Surrounding Areas

With proper maintenance, your septic tank and pump will perform properly for you for years. At Arkie Rogers Septic Service, we can provide you with regularly-scheduled maintenance on your septic system. We will inspect the entire system, making sure all components are in good working order. Give us a call to discuss your septic tank maintenance needs.

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